Flying and corsets

Flying in a corset is a question I see sometimes asked in corsetgroups or other corsetforums. I have written about my experiences about this in corset college some years ago but at this moment the forum is gone so I was thinking I would repost my old writing here also.

Since I am a 23/7 tightlacer since some 10 years back now and totally comfortable in my corset. I do not remove my corset for a flight.
If you are not an experienced corsetwearer for many years I would assume it is not worth the hassle.

It is not only the security thing to think of so this is something I wrote several years ago about flying in a corset.

I do travel to Germany and France from Sweden. I have no knowledge if it is different in USA or UK.

You need to wear your corset a little looser I wear mine as if I was going to bed or even looser the reason is up in the air the body expands a bit and this can be painful.

The corset will set the alarm off mine does it every time. I guess putting the corset in the check in bag would solve this if you do not have to wear the corset.
Do not go to the airport in the last minute. I have always been taken  aside and had to undress partly so they can see it is a corset I am  wearing and this takes some time. I have never been asked to remove my corset but I always gets the feeling the staff gets enoyed by it  and many times I feel like I am treated like I was wearing a deadly  weapon on me. So it is not a pleasent feeling but yet I prefer to  wear my corset. Well last time I also got a lot of nice questions about corsetting and the women who asked was interested to start wearing one herself. So not all are negative at the airport.

I only eat very light some fruit or similar on the plane and drinks  plain water never any alcohol or anything with bubble in it like coca cola it also expands in the stomach. My flights is just some 3 hours.

Wearing support stockings is comfortable for the legs.