Corset liners and lacing/back protectors

Corset liners and lacing/back protectors

As a 23/7 tightlacer it is important to take care of your skin and protect both your skin and your corset, being the reason you should always wear a corset liner under your corset and use moisturizing lotion on your body.

I also always use some moisturizing lotion after my shower. If my skin is a bit sore I will use a special (Swedish brand) moisturizing lotion, also helping to heal sore spots faster. The sore spots I normally get these due to myself, scratching my skin too hard, so not really caused by the corset itself. I have a very dry skin. If you have a sore spot maybe from breaking in a new corset, it is helpful to use some wool cotton padding or a piece of the fabric fleece on the sore spots or at places the corset presses a bit too hard.

I always wear a corset liner and a back protector with my corsets but it does not always show on the pictures. So, here are some old pictures to explain it to you.
Back protectors go under many names like: modesty panel, lacing protector, etc., but to me they serve the purpose to protect your skin from the laces, so why I prefer the name back or lacing protector.

Corset liners can be bought from the same place you buy your corset at. The corset liners I have are also custom made with only one seam at the back. For my overbust corset I do prefer to wear a seamless tank top instead, made from a similar fabric as the liners. The tank tops I use are bought in a normal lingerie store here in Sweden.

A normal cotton T-shirt does not work well as a corset liner. It should not have any side seam, nor should it be made of pure cotton.

So, here is a picture of one of my corset liners and two of the tank tops. Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. The tank tops are of shiny material so maybe why I could not get a better picture of them. The seamless tank tops are small in size and stretch a bit when put on, but they do not wrinkle, so goes smooth under my corsets. The shorter corset liner is seen from the side and looks like this as it is custom made for me. It has only one seam right up at the back.

On the old photo with the measurement tape showing a 49 cm waist, I wear a corset from Wasp Creation, together with the black corset liner. On the picture, only a part of the liner can be seen at the top of my corset. As on most pictures I have made sure the liner does not show, but for daily wear I do like to pull them up and down a bit so I can fold the edges just over my corset edges for the night.

One photo shows another of my old corsets from Wasp Creation and this picture shows a floating back protector. It is not attached to either side of the back only through the laces and is slightly boned so it keeps its shape. Now, many corset makers who make corsets and say they are for tightlacing, only use a flimsy piece of fabric sewn to one side of the corset. This will never work well. A floating panel with some boning or a totally loose one is much better in my view.

With my leather corsets from Albert all my back protectors are completely loose but boned. I just push them in under the laces before I start to lace my corset and it works perfectly fine.

Shown here on some old photos the last photo shows me trying a lock for the laces.

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