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Computer Crash

Annalais computer has crashed and is awaiting repair. She expects being unable to post for some weeks, but will update when when she get the opportunity.

Bestform girdle

I have a BESTFORM high zipper girdle that probably stems from the years 1960 or so. I have a photo of the original box and also a photo showing the inside of the girdle. Finally you see me wearing my cream colored Albert corset and the BESTFORM girdle. Although the girdle is a size SMALL, you see that the waist is much too big. No wonder, the girdle waist is 19 inch and the cream corset gave me an 18 inch waist, measured over the corset.

annalai_3572 nt annalai bestform girdle ca annalai bestform ca annalai bestform back ca

Graciette girdle

I was wearing girdles, although not daily, for many years before I actually started waist training in a real corset.

Most of my girdles are gone since long as they did not fit me anymore. Of one of the girdles I still own but do not wear anymore, I found an advertisement on the net. It is by a Swedish brand and named GRACIETTE. Sorry the girdle does not look so smooth on the photos. The torso I used was too straight in shape, so I had to use some fabric underneath to fill out the hips a bit.

The girdle has none-stretch fabric at the back and in the front and has stretch fabric on the sides. It is boned with three short stays in the front and two longer ones in the back and one at each side. It closes with hooks and eyes.

I have no size of it, but the measurements taken flat are:
Waist 25 inch
Hips 31-34 depending on the height I measure at.
Back height 12,5 inch
Front height 10,5 inch.


Advertisment photo: courtesy

Graciette Graciette front Graciette back


My last corset from Amy Crowder

This is my last corset from Amy Crowder, Wasp Creations. For me it was a new model advised by Amy the one called gusseted corset.
This corset has 9 bones on each side and in the front under the zipper a 1 inch wide stiff underbusk. Waist size 17 inch.

gusseted wasp creations gusseted corset wasp creations gusseted corset side gusseted corset side2 gusseted corset zipper front