First time I tried a corset a true story

annalai_2001 ASome 10 years ago I was strolling around in the old town of Stockholm. In a shop window I saw a dress dummy with old fashioned underwear and an overbust corset looking like taken from Gone with the Wind. I have always loved the look of women in the Victorian era and around late 1940 to the middle of the 1960. I wore such clothes but not a corset yet. Girdles and tight belts did belong to my wardrobe at this time.

I went into the shop and it was filled with corsets mainly from Vollers. I wanted to try the overbust I had seen in the window as it had the old looking feeling to it. But of course it was too big for me all over, both in size and in height, as I am petite, and specifically at the waist. Well, the women who owned the shop suggested I should try an underbust. I was about to leave the store as the type of corset I wanted did not fit me and I was not really much interested in the plain boring looking underbust she held up in front of me. Then I changed my mind and decided to try on the underbust and so I did and a new chapter opened up in my life.

The saleswomen put the corset on me and began to pull the laces. She did this with a hard pull and, as I wasn´t prepared for, I nearly fell backwards. I automatically put my arms up in the little dressing room but there was nothing to hold on. I pressed my hands against the wall. The saleswomen pulled the laces several times and I was nearly screaming stop! stop! It’s too tight, I cannot breathe. I could see the women’s face in the mirror and she smiled at me and pulled the laces once more and tied a knot. I thought I was going to faint and my first thought was get this stupid thing off me immediately. I cannot breathe or stand it.

I saw myself in the mirror and calmed down. I couldn´t stop looking at myself and feel with my hands over the corset. It was me! The unpleasant feeling was now changed into very pleasant and I did not want to take the corset off. I wanted to buy it, but I didn´t have enough money with me and the women was closing the store for the day. I had to wait for two whole weeks before I had a chance to return to the shop and buy the corset. For two weeks the only thing I could think of was the corset and the feeling I got when wearing it.

When I stepped into the store I was not even planning to buy a corset, but I got addicted to corsets at the first try.